REACH9 is a hydraulically powered, radio remote controlled, telescopic concrete chute. The device is designed to be fitted onto almost any rear discharge truck mixer. REACH9 is time & labor saving, especially for flatwork, making placing concrete safer for both ready-mix drivers and concrete contractors on site. Eliminating the physical demands of extension chute handling, REACH9 opens up for a new generation of mixer truck drivers, including women.

The marginal payload loss from REACH9 is outweighed by a significant added value. In markets where REACH9 is in use, the device has eliminated extension chutes altogether.

The REACH9 concept

REACH9 is mounted on the curb side of the truck mixer’s rear pedestal. During transport, the device is stowed and locked under the drum.


REACH9 is powered by a hydraulic pump mounted to the standard REPTO pump or a gearbox PTO.


A control cabinet on the driver’s side contains the system’s hydraulic valve assembly and controls and the RC radio receiver


A driver operated Radio Remote Control for hands free operation of the chute


An optional fold-away short chute for delivery to pump truck, paver etc.


Using the integrated radio remote control pod, concrete placement is precise and joy-stick controlled by the mixer truck driver, eliminating much of the laborintensive raking normally required. REACH9 extends to 9 meters (30ft) and swivels 180°.

The following functions are supported from the pod:

– Emergency Stop

– Transport to work position motion

– Extend/retract chute

– Raise/lower chute

– Increase/decrease truck Engine RPM

– Truck engine stop/start

– Mix/discharge drum

– Pause/resume drum

Seeing is believing! Follow this link for a 4-minute video presentation.

Long Lasting Quality

MSM’s 3rd generation REACH9 incorporates HARDOX® wear resistant steel for durability and low weight.

Properly maintained, REACH9 is designed to outlast the truck mixer without the need for any major repairs. The end chute section should be inspected for wear whenever a drum is changed.

Care and maintenance

REACH9 is easy to clean and requires a minimal amount of maintenance. Just rinse thoroughly after each use before retracting and stowing. Power wash at the end of the day. Grease as required and change the hydraulic oil once a year.