REACH9 – Gain a competitive advantage…

….in both rear- and front discharge markets!

Big savings on labor

Why keep a chute man and a big crew of rakers on site when one can pay the ready-mix supplier to place the concrete? Faster, cheaper and safer!

The new revenue stream from the additional service of placing concrete makes for an attractive ROI for REACH9 owners.


It can be time consuming to unload a truck mixer using wheel barrows and rakes. REACH9 has 3 times the reach of a standard short chute. REACH9 sets up in seconds and places the concrete where it needs to go in one continuous stream, bringing the truck back for another load a whole lot quicker.

With the driver operated REACH9 there is no longer a need for a costly “chute man” and the number of rakers on site can be cut in half.


Manual work with standard chutes is heavy and dangerous.

The remote controlled, telescopic REACH9 chute is a “hands-free” solution that eliminates the risk of hand and finger injuries and reduces skin burns from contact with Portland cement.


REACH9 also lowers the risk of work zone struck-by injuries caused by run-away short chutes and due to the lessened need for frequent truck movements.

Working conditions

Drivers that are repeatedly lifting heavy chute extensions on a frequent basis are at risk of musculoskeletal injuries. Replacing chute extensions with the powered, telescopic REACH9 eliminates this risk.

With a greater reach and more exact placement of the concrete, manually moving heavy concrete is reduced. So, the improved working conditions is not limited to only the truck mixer driver, but applies to the even greater number “concreters” on job sites as well.

REACH9 Owner benefits

  • Competitive advantage
  • New revenues & greater margins.
  • The added value provided with REACH9 makes for a very favorable ROI.
  • Compared with front discharge mixers, REACH9 offers much of the same benefits at a fraction of the initial cost and without the high cost of maintenance.
  • REACH9 improves driver working conditions resulting in higher driver retention rates and a wider pool of CDL driver to recruit from
  • REACH9 reduces the risk of costly workplace injuries.

Concreter benefits

  • Efficient placement at predictable cost.
  • No chute man and less rakers required on the job site.
  • Less raking and moving: Speeding placement & saving on worker wear and tear.
  • REACH9 reduces the risk of costly workplace injuries.
  • Reduction of pump truck expenses.